Top 5 most Useful inventions.

Here we are going to discuss about the most useful inventions which totally changed the way of living lives the way we are living today. We should thank the inventors as their invention lead us to an advance and better future. Here we are selecting the topics which are very much used in our day to day lives and have a much greater impact on us compared to the other products.

Top 5 most useful inventions & their inventors.
1. Internet-It can be called as the one of the wonders created by our scientists or engineers as without this our lives are totally incomplete.  "Robert E kahn ""Vint cerf " these two gentlemen were the reason that we are capable of reaching you guys easily and placing our thoughts for the people and having the whole knowledge just a click away. Let us take a moment and appreciate these two gentlemen for providing us the most useful invention of the world.
Internet is the first thing we are putting in our list as without this we cannot access …

Top 5 Latest updates on covid 19

Here we are going to discuss about the latest updates about the pandemic across the world and also some of the positive aspects which are outshining, those can be considered as the ray of hope for this pandemic to end soon or not. So let's get started .
Top 5 Latest updates on covid-19 1.Worldwide covid cases and stats of India- This year turned out to be a complete disaster for the whole world due to the covid-19 outbreak . Now coming to the stats, world wide till 21st July 2020 total no. of confirmed cases are 14562550  including 607781 deaths. Stats of India till 21st July 20202 total no. of confirmed cases are 1155191 and the death count stands at 28084.  Although  India is now among the top 3 countries of the world with highest no. of infections but the positive part is the recovery rate is much better than that of other countries. India's recovery rate is at 62.78 % which is a positive sign. 
2.Vaccine- Yes the most awaited thing in this year is the production of vaccine fo…

Top 5 basic exercises For a good life

Top 5 Basic exercise you must include in your day to day life

Life is very precious, respecting our physical and mental mechanism of our body, we should give our body at least half an hour per day for exercise/meditation/dancing/sports(specially in this pandemic time) and other physical activities which help us acquiring a good health. Being fit doesn't imply having a nice physique or 6 pack abs or a muscular body it implies to have a healthy body , our BMI (body mass index) should be within limit and we should be healthy in terms of both physically and mentally .

BMI refers to the body mass index which is a scale of rating a person healthy/obese/lean. It is very easy to calculate your weight in kg upon square of your height in metres

=> BMI = kg/m2.
healthy range is  18.5-24.9


1.Push-ups-A person can do many different exercises according to his/her choice but most popularly done exercise is pu…

Top 5 ways to groom your beard

Beard is a symbol of matureness and manliness. Many wish to have a great beard but are incapable of keeping one so we'll here discuss about the top 5 ways(steps) to groom your facial hair to get a full packed beard. everyone has their unique structure of beard so being yourself is the first thing to be prioritized and what you have, you should build it to a perfect level.
apart from being just a style and personality statement beard also helps in many forms few are listed below: It protects your face from harmful rays of sun.It assists those who are suffering from asthmaIt also reduces the chance of bacterial infection. Top 5 ways you can groom your beard.
1. Let the beard grow.- Many people complain about the beard but are totally impatient to grow the beard , firstly you must understand growing a beard is not 1 or 2 days activity so you must have patience as the rate of growth differs from person to person, so being patient and letting the beard grow is the first point. you may get i…

Top 5 dog breeds which are easy to groom.

Most of the Indian households doesn't want a dog with a lot of maintenance and which are hard to acclimate with the surrounding so here we are to suggest some of the dog breeds which are very easy to groom or pet without a lot of effort. especially in southern Asian region. Dogs are the most loyal creatures created by god, that is why they are considered to be the most loved pet all around the world, they are obedient and  very playful, these natures make them perfect for being a pet.
Top 5 dog breeds which are easy to maintain or groom.
1. Indian Spitz- It is a very bold cute little dog as this is mostly found in Indian households , due to its playful nature and alertness they are loved most. These are a little bigger in size than their cousins Pomeranian. This breed cannot be left alone as this is very social and friendly it always needs people to be around it, so that it doesn't feel left out. In most cases these dogs are found dead when left alone for a very log period of tim…

Top 5 venomous Snakes

As we all know 95% of the snakes are non venomous, only the 5 % of all snakes are venomous. This article is for information and awareness purpose only. Most of the species are non venomous but the stereotype is very much hyped about snakes being very dangerous and fatal which leads to killing of these creatures by common people whenever they are encountered. We are here to describe about the top 5 most venomous snakes  of the world. Firstly difference between venomous and poisonous , venomous  means those who have the potential to inject poison through their bite or action and poisonous means those which we consume and get poison into our body. 
Top 5 venomous  Snakes of all time.
1.Inland Taipan- It is the most venomous snake in the world. It is an extremely venomous snake in the family of Elapidae. This snake is commonly found in the central east Australian region. Its single drop of venom has the capability of killing hundreds of people. Just a single bite of this snake can cause a p…

Top 5 fascinating science theories

Here we are going to discuss some of the most fascinating science theories . Spreading knowledge and making people aware about the scientific facts .
Top 5 fascinating theories and their benefits.

1. Anomalous property of water- Do you know why the entire ocean does not freeze although the temperature is much below than the freezing point???only the upper most layer of water freezes? why? 
We are going to discuss the theory behind the question asked above.Firstly the science behind water or rather we can call it as a property of water that is, at 4 degree Celsius water has the maximum density
Let us understand in detail what happens let's consider a pond with a surrounding temperature of 8 degrees, as season changes and winter arrives the temperature starts reducing finally one day the temperature of the surrounding  becomes 4 degrees as we know that the maximum density of water is 4 degrees so next day it decreased to 3 degrees but the water layer with 4 degree remained at the bott…

Top 5 important topics to focus on

Here we will discuss about the top 5 very important topics and our opinion and point of view. please give it a read. these are just for informative purpose only.  No offense .
1. "Log is a tool and the subject is mathematics      in the same context religion is a tool and the subject is spirituality."                                                                                     In the above lines we want to share with the world a very basic thing that is fighting over religion is a pure waste of time and energy, and after all this effort you get nothing. Every individual's goal should be getting up-to spirituality. Peace is a great factor which is violated and hatred is being spread in the name of religion which is not at all the right path a person should follow. 
Every body have their right to choose their religion and follow it until and unless they are harming or hurting anybody. People who follow Hinduism, Islam or Christianity or any other religion is totally up-t…