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Top 5 superfoods

What are superfoods  superfood is a term given to a particular food item which has full of nutrients vitamins minerals and all other good nourishment required by a human body is considered to be super food Benefits of superfoods food having all round health benefits are only considered superfood, any food having only single health benefit cannot be considered as a superfood. Here below we have listed the top 5 superfood. please do have a look. Top 5 Superfoods 1.Amla(Indian gooseberry) -it is actually a super-food, believe it or not you'll get ultimate benefits from this only food, that is why it is on the top of our list. now quickly lets discover what all benefits it has , it is the no. 1 source of vitamin c hence it is best for boosting your immunity, as in this crucial time when the whole world is suffering due to the novel corona virus which primarily attacks your immune system this is the best food for building up your immune system.   Amla Results show that the people with


Top 5 ways to earn digitally  1. YouTube :- You can earn by showcasing your talent in a video format in a google based product that is  YouTube . you just have to create a YouTube channel by using your google account. and start posting videos which will lead to the growth of your YouTube channel.  You can choose any genre mostly people do vines, dancing or singing videos, comedy sketches, vlogs, health tips, mimicry and gaming these are some of the most trending genres of YouTube which you can start if you have any skills from the above mentioned genres.  YouTube  After your channel gains some views and sufficient subscribers you can apply for monetization , which is done by showcasing ads in your video. after that you can start earning according to your videos. by also promoting brands you can earn money from this platform. This is a great platform for all those talented children out there who want their passion to be turned into their profession. 2.Blogging :- This is a writing b


Top 5 home remedies to reduce dark circles In this world full of haste we all live for those late night drives,clubbing ,late night binge watching and etc. Admit it or not but those dark circles under your eyes does bother you. so here we'll reveal about our top 5 home remedies for your under eye dark circles and eye bags, as eye creams and serums  are quite expensive but all these hacks will cost you less than a $. 1. Milk - soak two cotton balls in cold milk and place it on your eyes gently leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, then remove the and  wash off your face with water. do it regularly for at least a month to observe the change. be consistent and you'll get the results definitely. 2 . Homemade eye serum - take some Aloe Vera gel add a few drops of lemon essential oil and tea tree essential oil . mix well and store it in a container. this prepared mixture can be stored for a month use it regularly before going to bed , massage it gently  near your eyes and dark circles ,


DEPRESSION -  it is a mental illness which causes a particular to overthink and get all the negative thoughts which are way more harmful than other diseases. CAUSES -  any disturbing incident which forces a person to reconsider it or overthink about it.some examples are DRUG USE , MEDICAL CONDITION , HISTORY RELATED TO FAMILY , FINANCIAL CRISIS , WORK OR EDUCATION PRESSURE. SYMPTOMS-   symptoms can vary to person to person but some common symptoms are   GETTING ANGRY EASILY, EXTREME MOOD SWINGS , NEGATIVE THOUGHTS CROSSING MIND etc.  "mostly depression is asymptotic so victims should be very careful and before taking any step further  they should do it by consulting a specialist on this field."  HOW TO OVERCOME DEPRESSION OR THE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS ? 1.first and foremost if you are thinking about anything which is not a mere a small issue,  talk about it with your foremost friend whom you can trust wholly . don't take any decision just by your


Spirituality This word has many deep rooted meanings the basic one is "The quality of sensing something which is much more than just our outer part" . It deals with many positive aspects which can change a particular person's life totally in a very good way, meditation is a great example, it has nothing to do with ghosts and all its just a sense of finding inner peace , as every coin has its two sides this has also the other side which is the darker one. we can also define spirituality as how easily a person connects with his/her inner peace is directly proportional to spirituality .                 We all the living beings have needs , requirements , urges which are never ending, for escaping from these loop holes, spirituality must be introduced  which will help a person to grow from inside by killing all the unnecessary  things which are just materialistic which are just for the outer us.  once a person finds the inner peace and devotes his life for th