it is a mental illness which causes a particular to overthink and get all the negative thoughts which are way more harmful than other diseases.

any disturbing incident which forces a person to reconsider it or overthink about it.some examples are DRUG USE , MEDICAL CONDITION , HISTORY RELATED TO FAMILY , FINANCIAL CRISIS , WORK OR EDUCATION PRESSURE.

symptoms can vary to person to person but some common symptoms are GETTING ANGRY EASILY, EXTREME MOOD SWINGS, NEGATIVE THOUGHTS CROSSING MIND etc. 
"mostly depression is asymptotic so victims should be very careful and before taking any step further  they should do it by consulting a specialist on this field."


1.first and foremost if you are thinking about anything which is not a mere a small issue,  talk about it with your foremost friend whom you can trust wholly . don't take any decision just by yourself because you owe a lot to your life ,your body ,your parents and friends.  It may be any situation or condition talk to one of your best friend about it and sort it by learning about life .

2.secondly it is not a incurable illness and it is very common so nothing to hide and it is as common as stomach ache so please consult a doctor and deviate your mind from which you are depressed.go for a therapy attend counselings. seminars related to life and loving yourself. 

3.focus on health and fitness which will helps a lot  in these type of cases and learn about spirituality and life you can understand the basics of spirituality from this link :

4.start treating your health and life as the most important treasures of you presence . Do not indulge yourselves in negative friend circle choose friends wisely as they will be the greatest support whenever you'll need. 

5.expose yourself to white light reports suggest that it regulates the mood and helps in overcoming depression slowly . It is also known as light therapy and many people observe drastic changes after this therapy.
psychotherapy, speaking with a specialist or a psychology expert may help a patient improve a lot it is the most advisable therapy for a depressed person.
medication:- many pills are available in the market such as antidepressants and antianxiety with proper prescription from the doctor will help you a lot in improving your health.

"starting a healthy happy life isn't that hard ,the hard part is just starting".

 start listening to your friends whenever they want to share something  always mocking them and letting their words go can be fatal for your friend start observing if anyone of your friend is behaving oddly , ask them if they are okay, tell them that you are there for him/her  no matter what. its a very complicated and delicate issue please don't let anyone quit this life cause it is truly very precious.

                                                   How much a therapy is necessary ??

it is extremely important , it is as simple as visiting a doctor when you have any common problem with your body, it is considered still a stigma in our society , this thing needs to be changed people should change their perspective towards mental health and therapy, Mental health should not be taken lightly as it is also a leading cause of deaths in our country. people will be very careful if they come to know a virus but they will completely ignore if a person is suffering from some mental health issue, it is not like declaring somebody psycho just because they are open about their mental health issue, they should get a proper therapist and counselling fr om an expert . Life is very precious people should prioritize someone's life before the taboos and myths.


  1. Actually this topic is important to discuss.Thanks for giving information about it.


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