This word has many deep rooted meanings the basic one is "The quality of sensing something which is much more than just our outer part" . It deals with many positive aspects which can change a particular person's life totally in a very good way, meditation is a great example, it has nothing to do with ghosts and all its just a sense of finding inner peace , as every coin has its two sides this has also the other side which is the darker one. we can also define spirituality as how easily a person connects with his/her inner peace is directly proportional to spirituality .  


We all the living beings have needs , requirements , urges which are never ending, for escaping from these loop holes, spirituality must be introduced  which will help a person to grow from inside by killing all the unnecessary  things which are just materialistic which are just for the outer us.  once a person finds the inner peace and devotes his life for the nature then happiness comes into the role.
"A happy person is always a better person"

                          Now let us talk how to know ,what is spirituality ? how to attain it ?

The simple way is give time to your body try to understand how powerful your mind is
sit around a quiet place close your eyes sit erect and just feel the breeze listen to the softest noise possible. Start it by meditating for 10 secs increase slowly the time interval in weeks and months. 
after sometime you'll feel like time flies while meditating then it will lead you to a beautiful space where you'll get a hushed happiness. Our life is always filled with ups and lows where we should figure out to fight with the odds being impatient is a major troublemaker in those times , meditation will make you a better person in those times.

Some basic points which should be followed by every person out there may be rich may be poor may be kid or old as a tortoise.
  •  eat healthy
  •  sleep well
  •  meditate 
  •  serve humanity 
  •  respect nature

The dark side you can refer to the black magic , dark magic and etc which are the negative part of spirituality these are the practices which can cause harm to other that is why they are refer to the darker side of spirituality. as such they aren't directly related to spirituality but somewhat unlocking your superior side is related to spirituality. There are many platforms where they claim to teach the dark practices but most of them are fraud nothing else, so be aware of those fake things . and learn how to get better within yourselves. These dark practices are highly inadvisable, as they can cause very serious health and mental issues so prefer the brighter side of spirituality always. 



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