Top 5 superfoods

What are superfoods 
superfood is a term given to a particular food item which has full of nutrients vitamins minerals
and all other good nourishment required by a human body is considered to be super food
food having all round health benefits are only considered superfood, any food having only single health benefit cannot be considered as a superfood.

Here below we have listed the top 5 superfood. please do have a look.

Top 5 Superfoods

1.Amla(Indian gooseberry)-it is actually a super-food, believe it or not you'll get ultimate benefits from this only food, that is why it is on the top of our list. now quickly lets discover what all benefits it has , it is the no. 1 source of vitamin c hence it is best for boosting your immunity, as in this crucial time when the whole world is suffering due to the novel corona virus which primarily attacks your immune system this is the best food for building up your immune system. 

Results show that the people with greater immune system are more likely to recover faster than those of lower immuned ones. the regular intake of amla has tremendous benefits such as glowing skin, shiny hair and the list goes on, it also enhances your metabolism and prevent viral and bacterial ailments. 

Mainly it has some great nutritional values which are very helpful in fighting against the cancer cells. but the intake should be very limited you can take it as it is or as in powder form, shake, pickle
or as you like it, it is acidic in nature so taking it empty stomach will not be a good idea take it when you are full or semi full. it is recommended to take 1 or 2 amlas per day and a regular intake can lead to a wonderful change in your body from inside and outside as well. 

2.Banana-it is one of the best fruits which is very very important and loaded with essential vitamins minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium,manganese, iron and vitamin B6. it is very beneficial for all the gym going people as it is best for both who want to gain weight or lose weight it depends on how a person takes it.

Though high in calories it is a great fat burner as it has healthy fibers which are very much important for burning fat. bananas are tasty as well so mostly people love eating bananas , overeating may cause excess for mineral in the body but eating 2 bananas daily are considered superiorly healthy.

It can be taken as breakfast or post workout meal. eating banana before going to bed is not advisory as a ripe banana consists of 25% sugar which can cause a sugar rush. they contain fibers, potassium , vitamin B6 and many healthy plant based nutrients which are very beneficial for the body.
although they are very healthy but they are not a good option for the diabetic people so they should not consume a lot of bananas, severe diabetic patients should totally avoid it and people with mild diabetic problems can have a banana per week.

Overall banana can be considered as the superfood as it has tremendous beneficial aspects for a person. and this is a great fulfilling snack for all the gym goers as it is very healthy and easily available and affordable.from all these aspects we can conclude as bananas are one of those splendid superfoods.

3.Moringa(Drumstick)-It is a great source of iron, protein and healthy fibers . it is one of the most underrated food and it is very easily available all over Asia. It is commonly known as Drumstick tree as its main food component is the Drumstick, but surprisingly moringa tree's every part is edible and have many health benefits as its leaves are rich of iron ,and its bark is rich in antioxidants which is good for skin. that is why it is in the top 5 list. 
Moringa leaves

As it has terrific health benefits and overall from a single tree. it has 15 times more potassium than bananas, 7 times more vitamin c than oranges and it also consists of iron and protein and amino acids. Moringa extracts can be helpful for curing stomach disorders such as constipation,gastritis.

The antibiotic and antibacterial properties may help inhibit the growth of various pathogens. Moringa should not be consumed daily it can lead to some problems but thrice a week is best. Moringa leaves and drumsticks are mostly consumed in India . which are available all around Asia. It is also considered as a great immunity booster as it has iron and vitamin c both of these are very vital when it comes to immunity . In this pandemic scenario consuming moringa leaves and moringa powder will be best.

4.Coconut oil- It is not just any ordinary oil it comes with great beneficiary aspects for a person. Down in south India, especially in Kerala most of the food items were made from coconut oil, they use this on their daily basis . It is a great skin moisturizer. Traditionally in India coconut oil was the only skin and hair nourishing source but now a days many skin care products are available so use of coconut oil 
is volatiled. 

Coconut is also a great fruit, coconut water is the best hydrating source in a sunny day. and the coconut cream is very nutritious and rich of minerals and vitamins it is also very helpful in digestion, weight loss and improving in heart health.So coconut and coconut oil is a considerable superfood. coconut oil also consists of healthy fatty acids, antimicrobial effects, it also helps in raising HDL (good) cholesterol. As much as we stick to natural source for our skin and diet more the benefits we get. 
coconut oil

It is recommended in Ayurveda too that consumption of coconut is  great rather than consuming the packaged food or factory made food. Also oil pulling which is the most efficient way to detox your  body you can use coconut oil which will be very beneficial, basically it is rinsing coconut oil  in your mouth for couple of  minutes is called oil pulling. It is also known to reduce hunger problems who are trying to intake lower calories or want to lose fat. Reports also suggest that coconut oil is beneficiary for boosting the brain function in Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer disease is the most common cause of dementia. It is also helpful in reducing harmful abdominal fat.

From all these can't we say that coconut oil is a superfood? hell yes it is.

5.Barley- jaw or barley is a boon because it actually helps in burning not just carbs but fats as well it was once known as poor man's wheat however it is now popular because of its cholesterol lowering potential. actually it is of the grass family, is a major cereal grain. 

The carbohydrates in barley have  a low glycemic index meaning that they raise the blood sugar levels more slower as compared to other foods.It also contains calcium, iron, proteins and vitamin E. These can be eaten as cereal you can make rotis out of them or they can be consumed in the form of barley water. It is very rich in magnesium as it has 33% magnesium in it which very health beneficial.

It may prevent Gallstones and reduce your risk of gallbladder surgery.A 100 gm serving of barley has nearly 4 gms of fiber and 120 calories making it a viable carbohydrate for weight loss and overall health.Adding barley in your regular diet may reduce the risk of heart diseases. 

So it is highly recommendable to have a bowl of barley everyday. With all these astonishing factors and health benefits barley is also included in our list and it is notable.its health benefits are so versatile that it is a must considered superfood.

These were some of our personal choice if you have any suggestion drop it in the comment section below or you can contact us for any query. Thank you for investing your valuable time in reading this post , we hope you got something to learn from this post. Thank you, love


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