Top 5 ways to earn digitally 

1. YouTube:- You can earn by showcasing your talent in a video format in a google based product that is YouTube . you just have to create a YouTube channel by using your google account. and start posting videos which will lead to the growth of your YouTube channel. 

You can choose any genre mostly people do vines, dancing or singing videos, comedy sketches, vlogs, health tips, mimicry and gaming these are some of the most trending genres of YouTube which you can start if you have any skills from the above mentioned genres. 

After your channel gains some views and sufficient subscribers you can apply for monetization , which is done by showcasing ads in your video. after that you can start earning according to your videos. by also promoting brands you can earn money from this platform. This is a great platform for all those talented children out there who want their passion to be turned into their profession.

2.Blogging:- This is a writing based platform where you need to develop a blog by writing some informative or entertaining eye catchy articles so that people will read and gain information or get entertained by your blog. 

Here you can apply for google ad-sense for monetization once your blog is approved then you can add ads to your blog and get paid by google. There is a google based platform that is BLOGGER similar to YouTube where you can write and earn. This is a perfect way for an writer to earn digitally.

Blogging is an underrated platform mostly everyone prefers YouTube where they can put up videos, here in blogger or any other blogging platform you can add up links of your YouTube videos and add images to gain audience attraction. Mostly here your content should be original if google finds out there is plagiarism in any content then it may lead to dismissing the google ad-sense account. which will deface your earnings so better be original and creative.

3.Instagram:- This is a social media site where you can post pictures and videos and gain followers, here you can promote things and earn money. It is actually a Facebook's  product
if you have a huge amount of audience , companies will approach you for their product advertisements or business by which many people are earning a lot of money.

4.Affiliate marketing:- This is a great way to earn money , here you need to advertise some other third party marketing website's product (eg:amazon,flipkart)
showcasing them in your blog or YouTube channel or, any where you get a throng traffic or viewers so that they will pay you, your commission for the purchase of their product through your advertisement. many of us might not know but affiliate marketing but is the best way to review any product and earn money by advertising. 

5.Freelancing:- This is a platform where you can get work or can make someone work for your project, here according to your skill you can search for a job and get a deal for your work by the client with whom you are dealing with.

Here some of the mostly occurring posts are data entry, content writing, coding(java,c,c++...),logo developing, Photoshop video editing and etc.Many college going students are freelancers they work
on the hourly basis and  get paid. This is a great part time job platform for those who want to earn online. you can use or for search of your liking job and get paid for it.

In the above mentioned points these all are only applicable if you have a good following or are able to gather a good amount of traffic into your page .(excluding 5th point).
Thank you for investing your valuable time  in reading our post , hope you are benefited by this. if you have any query regarding this or other posts feel free to drop your comment or contact us by clicking on the (contact us) option in the home menu bar.


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