Top 5 basic exercises For a good life

Top 5 Basic exercise you must include in your day to day life

Life is very precious, respecting our physical and mental mechanism of our body, we should give our body at least half an hour per day for exercise/meditation/dancing/sports(specially in this pandemic time) and other physical activities which help us acquiring a good health. Being fit doesn't imply having a nice physique or 6 pack abs or a muscular body it implies to have a healthy body , our BMI (body mass index) should be within limit and we should be healthy in terms of both physically and mentally .


BMI refers to the body mass index which is a scale of rating a person healthy/obese/lean. It is very easy to calculate your weight in kg upon square of your height in metres

=> BMI = kg/m2.
healthy range is  18.5-24.9


1.Push-ups-A person can do many different exercises according to his/her choice but most popularly done exercise is push-up which helps a lot for the upper-body as it activates the shoulder chest arms and core simultaneously, so more the push-ups more healthy you are ;).


2.Squats- For the lower part squats are best , they helps in developing leg muscle which is again a very crucial part . thighs , calves and joints are activated when you do a squat which is very helpful. And according to many sources squats improve your sexual ability which is a very major issue now a days.

3.Sit-ups- For core sit-ups/crunches are best as they activate the core efficiently and stronger core is very much important for a healthy body as it improves our digestive system.

4.Pull ups- These are the most advantageous exercise ever as these activates your lats biceps shoulders and back simultaneously. which is very helpful in developing the upper part of the body.


5.Rope jumping or skipping. - The best cardio exercise . This is a best exercise to lose weight and body fat and this gives you a intense workout session . Everyday atleast skipping for 15 to 20 minutes is recommended as best. This will lead you live a healthy and fit life 

Overall these five exercises are the basic for a beginner for starting a healthy life journey which in my count is very important.


Basically any food which is digestible easily by your body along with absorbing all the nutrients are considered healthy.
for a person to be healthy he/she should consume a balanced diet which must consist of  all the essential vitamins , minerals, carbohydrates , protein and fats.

"For the superfoods that we should include in our diet please click on the link and give it a read."

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