Top 5 dog breeds which are easy to groom.

Most of the Indian households doesn't want a dog with a lot of maintenance and which are hard to acclimate with the surrounding so here we are to suggest some of the dog breeds which are very easy to groom or pet without a lot of effort. especially in southern Asian region.
Dogs are the most loyal creatures created by god, that is why they are considered to be the most loved pet all around the world, they are obedient and  very playful, these natures make them perfect for being a pet.

Top 5 dog breeds which are easy to maintain or groom.

1. Indian Spitz- It is a very bold cute little dog as this is mostly found in Indian households , due to its playful nature and alertness they are loved most. These are a little bigger in size than their cousins Pomeranian. This breed cannot be left alone as this is very social and friendly it always needs people to be around it, so that it doesn't feel left out. In most cases these dogs are found dead when left alone for a very log period of time.These fluffy creatures are made for cuddles and are very good at grabbing attention .

According to zoologist, these are one of those dogs which were domesticated thousands of years ago. This dog comes with a power-packed energy and enthusiasm. These are flexible all around India that is why they are mostly found in Indian households.These playful creatures live up to 15 years. Many people confuse between Pomeranian and Indian Spitz as they look a little similar, but they are completely different from each other. They have usually a thick coat of hair which makes them more adorable.

2.Labrador retriever- It is a medium large breed dog. These are considered to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds . It is a family dog as well as guard dog. These are very friendly and are very loyal to their owner. This dog breed is very easy to train . It is the most loved dog around the globe due to its friendly nature and intelligence . They love to play mainly Fetch.Needs a lot of exercise so better be ready for a exciting and a fatigue full of routine who wants to pet this dog breed. 

Whenever they are left alone they show signs of anxiety due to the left out feeling.These dogs are very sensitive and they take time to get mature. Labs are mostly found in three colours black blonde and brown. It has a life span about 11 to 13 years.  These dogs have a great smelling sense are also used as sniffers . They are very playful as well as attentive.

3.German shepherd- This is a strong medium sized dog . These can reach up to 60 cm tall. They are playful as well as very fierceful ,  they are usually kept as guard dogs as they turn up to be the best guard dogs and they also resemble their near cousin wolves. This breed also need a lot of exercise similar to labs. Their adaptability is very high as they can adjust themselves in almost every climatic condition.You can find them in most of the Indian house holds because of their loyalty towards their master.

These are only found in the only colour black and brown(mixed) as clearly visible in the above picture. These fluffy creatures live up to 13 years of age. In India German shepherds are very common as they make a wonderful guard dog as well as family dog. This breed can be turn out to be dangerous if not taken care properly. At the end of the day they need a good nurturing so that they will behave properly. Its bite force is very high, for context they can crush your bones like nuts. Although aggressive characters are seen in this breed but with a proper training they turn out to be one of the best dog breeds of all.

4.Dachshund- This is a small dog breed . These dogs are also known as wiener dogs, badger dogs or sausage dogs. They have tiny legs with a long body, they are called sausage dogs due to their resemblance to  a sausage .They love to cuddle with their masters and are very friendly. They are quite aggressive as they are bred to hunt down badgers so naturally they are little aggressive whenever it comes to strangers or other creatures.

Their life expectancy is between 12 to 16 years. These little dogs were bred in Germany 300 years back specially to hunt badgers.They are also good with children. They are a playful breed and people who love to get a cuddle from their pets must buy these tiny long haired creatures for its immense love.
These tiny creatures come with three different coats of hair smooth , wire haired or long haired.These dogs come in two different sizes one is standard and other is miniature. 

5.Doberman- Now who doesn't know this breed , this is one of the most known dog breeds of the world as they are known for their courage loyalty and strength . Doberman is a medium sized dog with a skinny muscular body. They are quite taller than all other dogs in this list. They are the best guard dogs ever known to the human kind.They are very much aggressive and spry. A well bred Doberman is a very playful and protective dog. These Dogs are normally kept for guarding the house and family. 


These are considered to be one of the smartest dogs of all, which makes them the best for guarding or protecting something. They are super quick, they run extremely fast which is also a best part about  this dog . These Dog breeds are also very common Indian house holds because of their antitheft feature.Their life expectancy is 10 to 13 years . Their bite force is tremendously high as they are gifted with a very strong jaw. Messing with this giant is not at all advisory.

Dogs are one of those best creations of god as these help us in many different ways. Pets(mostly dogs) are extremely responsible for the health care of an individual as their love is very much affective and have the potential to calm down any person. If you can't pet them at least don't hurt them specially street dogs as they have feeling too. So whenever you come across a hungry street dog feed them something if you can if not at least don't pelt stones on them or harm them in any way maintain your distance with them and harassing them should not be your motto. 

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