Top 5 fascinating science theories

Here we are going to discuss some of the most fascinating science theories . Spreading knowledge and making people aware about the scientific facts .

Top 5 fascinating theories and their benefits.

1. Anomalous property of water- Do you know why the entire ocean does not freeze although the temperature is much below than the freezing point???only the upper most layer of water freezes? why? 

We are going to discuss the theory behind the question asked above.Firstly the science behind water or rather we can call it as a property of water that is, at 4 degree Celsius water has the maximum density

Let us understand in detail what happens let's consider a pond with a surrounding temperature of 8 degrees, as season changes and winter arrives the temperature starts reducing finally one day the temperature of the surrounding  becomes 4 degrees as we know that the maximum density of water is 4 degrees so next day it decreased to 3 degrees but the water layer with 4 degree remained at the bottom again and again it happened and at last 0 degrees raised where it supposed to freeze so it is at the top so, only the top layer freezes so that if temperature of the surrounding decreases even more below 0 degrees also it only affects the top most layer and the water under the freezed layer is in liquid form. 

This is a very crucial property of water as without this property Aquatic life would have been come to an end. You can find many other properties of water on Google by just a click but we found this one most fascinating so we published it here.Water is an essential product that we are gifted by the nature and we should use it wisely as for drinking purpose. only 3 % of whole water on earth is fresh water from which only 0.29% is drinkable. 

So wasting should not be an option for us. Many other properties of water are boiling point, freezing point, surface tension, viscosity, cohesion and etc. The chemical formula for water is H2O. Briefly let us understand what is Surface tension and viscosity? surface tension refers to the tension in the surface layer of liquid which is caused due to the attraction of particles of the surface layer by the bulk of liquid, which tends to reduce surface area.This is the reason why birds are able to easily walk on the surface of water. Viscosity - it is the internal friction of a liquid which makes it thick or sticky more viscous means more thick.This is the reason why oil flows slower than water on a slope as oil is more viscous than water.

2.Overturning of a car- Have you ever imagined why always the fast moving cars are of short height or are very close to the ground let it be fast cars of Bugatti of  F1 Racing cars all are very short height cars why??

we will discuss about the above raised question in detail. Mostly all cars which are intended to move fast or have a greater tendency to move faster are always shorter to balance the force and torque equilibrium respectively .In the obtained equation we'll be understanding how height and velocity are inversely proportional to each other. actually to avoid toppling effect or overturning of the car this is very crucial. That is why these are of shorter height.

students who are going to appear or preparing for JEE or NEET this is a very crucial topic which is to find out the maximum velocity of the vehicle so that it would not over turn or topple . For that please follow the diagram given below. and try to understand.

In the above diagram  r/R both are same left side figure is top view and the other is front view. Equation 1 is centripetal force due to friction. Equation 2 is force equilibrium. Equation 3 is torque equilibrium. m is mass , v is velocity , N1 and N2 are normal reaction of left and right hand side tyres respectively. Torque equilibrium is derived as for no toppling net torque at any point should be 0 so accordingly the above equation has been formed. At last the Vmax is derived (Maximum velocity for a vehicle) with height h (from center of gravity to ground). Width of the car is 2a . R/r is radius of curvature. from the above equation of Vmax you can easily find the relation of height and velocity .

This is a very important topic for all the JEE and NEET aspirants as from this topic most frequently questions were asked.

3. 4th & 5th state of matter - A huge mass of the population believes that there are only three states of matter namely solid ,liquid and gaseous state. Let's discuss the truth actually how many states are there??

There are actually 5 states of matter, due to the less abundance of the 4th and 5th state of matter around us people are unaware about those because we are only aware about what we see,but actually the 4th and 5th state of matter exist they are Plasma and Bose Einstein condensate . Unlike ordinary gases Plasma is made up of atoms in which some or all electrons are striped away and positively charged nuclei(ions) roam freely.

what is Plasma basically ?Plasma in introduced by sir William Crookes. It is created by adding energy so that some of the electrons from the gaseous state leave. unlike other state of matters Plasma reacts strongly to electric and magnetic field. plasma is usually very hot. Stars including the SUN is mostly made up of Plasma. On earth due to lightning plasma is created, and artificial plasma is also created which is used  in developing fluorescent light bulbs. Plasma is often thought to be the subset of gases but the two states behave very differently.

Now what is Bose Einstein condensate(BEC) ? actually it is the total opposite of plasma it is super cold and super unexcited. BEC  is introduced in the year 1995, Cornell and Weiman, finally created this new state of  matter. Plasma is an ionized gas whereas A Bose Einstein Condensate is a state of matter consisting of dilute bosons cooled to temperature of absolute 0.  So we hope now you got a brief idea about the 4th and 5th state of matter .

4.Augmented reality -Augmented reality(AR) has changed a lot in the gaming world as this combines virtual world with a user environment in real time. Virtual reality(VR) only focuses on artificial environment whereas augmented reality is an advanced version which includes a user environment in real time .This is much successful because it gives a reality encounter with the virtual world to the user. 

as growth of gaming is very rapid nowadays people are converting their gaming passion into their actual full time profession. so getting an realistic game play is what all the gamers need , here augmented reality comes to the rescue and it has been developed a lot that unbelievable gaming experience is provided by the top tech developing companies.For developers  multiple options are available using those they can change the whole perspective of a gamer. 

A game was launched sometime back, Pokemon go where people get to use their smart phones to detect the Pokemons through their camera in the real time and by catching them they can complete different levels and complete the missions.For a short period of time this game got a very high spike as this was something new which was not at all expected by the smart phone users. Like this the industry is growing a lot day by day and it is expected to reach almost $285 billion due to the rapid growth of gaming.

Not only gaming it has totally changed the advertising procedure as now they are using 3d Animation technologies and developing apps which can help you have a realistic overviews of their product though your smart phone with a very super friendly interface. This also helps in medical fields as well as defense fields for constructing strategies. This is also a great career choice for engineers who opt to develop games or animations as in future everything will be based on Augmented reality.

Technologies used for developing Ar based games are

  • ARPA
  • UNITY 5
  • XCODE 7

5.Theory of relativity- Einstein introduced this theory as general relativity and Special relativity. brief information about both are General Relativity is the concept which explains the law of gravity and its relation to other forces of nature. And special relativity is the concept based on the absence of gravity it basically applies to all the physical phenomena in the absence of gravity as mentioned earlier.Here mainly we are going to discuss about the General Relativity concept. 

The General Relativity is a theory of space and time, this was introduced by Albert Einstein in the year 1915. This is basically the perspective of a person on how ,what or when he sees or observes something. A classic example of the relativity concept is given to all the intermediate students(11th & 12th) The train and passenger concept , where a passenger is waiting at the station and an other passenger is inside a running train the person outside will see the other person as moving because the train is moving but the passenger inside has the perception as if he/she is sitting which is still. so this is the basic example and from this topic most of the questions in the entrance exams were asked as this is considered as a very important concept.
Albert Einstein

Relativity can be understood in other ways also , imagine you have a friend as he is your friend you are supposed to like him but one day he had a fight with his colleague and his colleague doesn't like your friend anymore so here you  like a person but other doesn't because of some reason this is also an example of relativity. 
I like it, I don't

The Theory of relativity can be understood as the geometric theory of Gravitation, it associates with the force of gravity with the changing geometry of space and time. 

Science is a very fascinating subject, if you observe properly you can find science every where, as said in Three idiots directed by  Rajkumar Hirani, there is science everywhere from tip of pen to zip of your pant . You can find science everywhere just your way of conceiving things should change. 

We hope this post added some values into your life, for any query you can contact us, your feedback is very valuable.Thank you. Love


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