Top 5 important topics to focus on

Here we will discuss about the top 5 very important topics and our opinion and point of view.
please give it a read. these are just for informative purpose only. 
No offense .

1. "Log is a tool and the subject is mathematics
      in the same context religion is a tool and the subject is spirituality."                                                                                   
 In the above lines we want to share with the world a very basic thing that is fighting over religion is a pure waste of time and energy, and after all this effort you get nothing. Every individual's goal should be getting up-to spirituality. Peace is a great factor which is violated and hatred is being spread in the name of religion which is not at all the right path a person should follow. 

Every body have their right to choose their religion and follow it until and unless they are harming or hurting anybody. People who follow Hinduism, Islam or Christianity or any other religion is totally up-to them, what fascinates more and what is convincing for them, they will follow . No one should coerce or provoke other people  to join a particular religion. Whenever a community of people force other people to join their religion that's not a religion that's an agenda made to manipulate people's opinion and snatch their freedom to choose.

When this thing people will understand there will be peace and nonviolence all over the world. No criminal activities will occur in the name of religion. Respecting every religion should be our motto as religion has something to do with our inner peace and spirituality. We have written something more if you want read about spirituality or how to attain inner peace please follow the link this will redirect you to the page.

2.     "Respecting girls or women doesn't make you feminine 
                 it makes you more manly, so start doing It. "
 Yes here i mentioned only girls and women because in the past mostly girls were harmed, ignored and judged on a different level, it is reduced for sure but still some of these activities are going on in some rural and urban areas like not allowing for higher study or molestation , rapes and a lot vicious things which are very inhumanly activities. 

Respecting both the genders equally should always be the priority but here i am talking about the unprivileged girls who are going through a lot but no one cares because they are from backward areas or tribal areas. What all facilities should be given to all the girls and women so that they could be declared as privileged and respected. 

1st education , Education should be for each and every person out there as it is the foundation of our future generation . 2nd  stop taking them as burden(For all the parents out there who consider girls as the burden of their house), Treat them as assets encourage them what ever they want to pursue as their profession. 3rd listen to their problems, Don't provoke them to get married . Consider their word equally important as if a boy or men . Cause inequality based on gender is not at all an option in today's generation. Mostly this is over but in some areas it is still occurring.

Now let's talk about what should not happen at all but still going on in our country and at a rapid rate,
'RAPE' this is a very barbaric crime and this should be stopped . But how? the answer is by creating a  vicious law for the criminals so that the fear won't let them do it . Advertising the law in social media so everyone will come to know about what are the consequences for a rapist.Self defense should be mandatorized in every educational institutes and organisations. These are some of our opinions how this crime may reduce, comment down if you have any better ideas for this unbearable crime to stop.

3. " Criticizing is not foolishness but criticizing without 
         any context or research is an absolute dumb deed."
Here mainly we are going to talk about political parties of India, mainly two parties are up for the contest those are INC(Indian national congress) and BJP(Bharatiya janata party). And in social media the it cells are very active they post the victories of their own party and criticize the opposition by showcasing their negatives.

In these acts many young children are affected as they just support a party just because they are convinced by something, and they are not at all ready to admit any negative news about the party they support. We here just want to say that every citizen of India should have his/her opinion about the government as they have the right to vote and they have the right to put up their opinion but due to lack of proper research and a propaganda run by the respective political IT cells these children are brainwashed and share some random things about the political parties. 

Terms which are given to a supporter is BHAKT for a BJP supporter and CHAMCHA for INC supporter. 
But we think being Indian should be our first priority. Believing blindly on any post by any random Facebook page or any other social media platform should not affect our ideas about any political party. We should have the sense to judge the Faults and righteousness of a particular party.  

We should not support any party blindly just because we like the candidate only. If something happens which is not appropriate for the country, voice should be raised debarring which party you like or not. first we are the citizen of our country which is a democratic one so we should use our rights for a good cause. And spreading unnecessary hatred is also not a good deed by a right minded citizen of our country, if you want to criticize , criticize with proper context and research. And if you want to praise or commend do it professionally by doing research too. Doing any of these acts blindly just by following a particular group is not at all a white collar deed. So don't be afraid of raising voice if you are correct at your point and you have done your homework correctly.

4. " India will be a developed country when not a single 
       person of our country would die due to poverty or hunger."

Here we will talk about the poverty and issues related to poor people, why still in India people are committing suicide due to hunger and lack of food to feed their families. Why they are not able to get food just for their living, whereas the food in urban areas or cities is wasted in tons . This is nothing but the uneven distribution of economy. 

Rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer with time why is it so?
The Indian economy is under developed due to low rate of growth. It is the main cause of poverty. Unemployment is another factor, if new industries or factories were about to set up in India its economy will boost as well as new employment opportunities will also rise. Which should be considered. As of now recently our government has started a new program(ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT) to encourage initiating aspiring businesses men and startups, so that we need not depend on any other country, which will help a lot in every factor. Demolishing poverty is not a month's game or a year's game, it will take years but doing something for the people of India should be the primary motive of our government. 

Development of country will arise if people are developed , educated and nourished properly. Education is a very important aspect as it is the basic right of every child so that he/she could carve their future out of it. Mid day meal schemes were also launched which was a great initiative but were not followed properly as we got to know about the negligence of the staff and problems like corruption raised too. Everybody is thinking of their  own profit whereas whole country's profit is every individual's profit that is the point that every one need to understand.

We need a corruption free India with all transparency between the government and the people as the government is for the people . So that poor people of our country will get the help and poverty rate will reduce accordingly. Not like it is not reduced, corruption is reduced in the past few years but not completely demolished. when corruption rate will be 0 then our poverty rate will also be 0.So hope for a better India and help the needy ones if you can.

5.  "Love mother nature it will love you back"

Here we'll discuss about our nature / environment and how we are destroying it little by little which will cause a great disaster later for us only. Due to change in climate the temperature is rising every year which is a great threat for our living. And why this is happening, due to our utter negligence which can be stopped by focusing on some small points which may help us heal our mother earth.Here are some points listed below which can cumulatively bring a great change.

  • Limiting the use of air conditioners or using them minimum at 28 degrees not below that which will lead to less emission of CFC's which are a primary cause of depletion in our ozone layer. 

  • Limiting the use of private vehicles and utilizing public transports more so that pollution will be under control.

  • Reducing the use of coal for producing energy, rather using unconventional sources like solar and wind. Britain has done a tremendous job and it is producing its 70% of energy through solar panels which should be a lesson for us and we should implement it.

  • Saving rain water and using it by purifying it and reusing the used water where it is possible, for example in Japan their wash basins are above their toilet seats so that whenever they wash their hands that water is later used for flushing. what a great idea right. these small small changes can bring a major variation in our climate.  

A very great threat is that our glaciers are melting we never know what all viruses/bacteria could be there beneath it so better we should help it remain as it is by following the above steps. We could not handle a single virus(covid-19) which almost killed 10 million people all over world in just a span of 6 months, imagine if multiple these type of viruses are released what will happen.Are we ready to handle these viruses? no. So that is why we should be extra careful . 

In these above topics we are not intended to hurt anyone's feelings. These are just for informative purpose only.  Your feedback is very precious and if you have any query you can contact  us. All the quotes are original are created by the author. Thank you. Love



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