Top 5 Latest updates on covid 19

Here we are going to discuss about the latest updates about the pandemic across the world and also some of the positive aspects which are outshining, those can be considered as the ray of hope for this pandemic to end soon or not. So let's get started .

Top 5 Latest updates on covid-19
1.Worldwide covid cases and stats of India- This year turned out to be a complete disaster for the whole world due to the covid-19 outbreak . Now coming to the stats, world wide till 21st July 2020 total no. of confirmed cases are 14562550  including 607781 deaths. Stats of India till 21st July 20202 total no. of confirmed cases are 1155191 and the death count stands at 28084.  Although  India is now among the top 3 countries of the world with highest no. of infections but the positive part is the recovery rate is much better than that of other countries. India's recovery rate is at 62.78 % which is a positive sign. 

2.Vaccine- Yes the most awaited thing in this year is the production of vaccine for the corona virus so that everything will get back to normalize as before and the loss due to this pandemic may be recovered. So from January onwards many companies started developing vaccine for this virus and now there are some companies which are outshining with positive results as far as 1st phase and 2nd phase is concerned still 3rd phase has to be conducted and that will lead to the mass production of the antidote. 
Phase 1- Healthy people and minimum no. of people.
Phase 2- people with mild symptoms and moderate no. of people.
Phase 3- people with severe symptoms and large no. of people.

after these three phases DCGI approval will be granted , then only the mass production will start and the vaccine will reach out to the common people. 

Now lets talk about the companies and pharmacies which are in the race of producing the vaccine.
nearly 150 companies are claiming about their vaccine but Oxford university along with AstraZeneca tops the list with conducting the 3rd phase and publishing the promising results of the 1st two phases. The vaccine is named as chAdOx1 nCoV19 .Now this is a great sign and there is a possibility of the vaccine to reach out to common people in the month October of this year if everything sets right. 

3. Benefit for India ?- This is a very big question as the university is in UK, what is the beneficiary for Indian people, if oxford successfully produces the vaccine. The positive part is that a Pune based company which is Serum Institute of India PVT. LTD is already in partnership with Oxford university and AstraZeneca .It has already started the production of the vaccine. if the third phase results are as promising as the other phases then within no time this vaccine producing company will launch the products in markets.

However India's Bharat biotech has also started its trial for phase 1 for coVaxin and are expected to publish the results of the trial in the mid august of this year. Many positive aspects are there but self awareness is utmost important.

4.Schools colleges and universities- From the education department it is still not declared when to open the schools and colleges as for now after august 31 further update will be provided by the govt. when to restart the academic year for the students, till then online modes are advised  . Some exams are postponed and other are cancelled. Online mode of education is not accessible by each and every student. So for now some colleges are continuing whereas some are not. 

Some colleges are on the verge of conducting exams which is not an appropriate thing to do right now as the pandemic is on it's spike and it is not at all necessary to conduct exams in this critical period. As many such renowned institutions have postponed or cancelled the exams for now, So we kindly request all those institutions to postpone or cancel, which are about to conduct the exams in the upcoming days. Postponing the exam will be very much appropriate , concerning each and every student's problems and mental state. Hope this reaches out to the officials of the respective institutions who are about to conduct the examinations.

5.What to do during this lock down ?- Stay safe ,  focus for the betterment of your health and body. Try to boost your immunity.  Spend more time with your family. Eat healthy. Learn how to manage life and try to connect your body with the soul. You can learn many thing just by a click, as internet is the hub for knowledge. Utilize the time you get in this lockdown try to learn new languages or skills. Follow your passion do whatever you need to do . Sitting ideally will not get you anything.

This lockdown should be a lesson for us all that everything is artificial other than our home, basic necessities and other things. What are essentials and what are not this lockdown taught us. 

"Link for the list of superfoods you should include in your diet for best immune system."

 "Link for the basic exercises you must do for being fit."

(This is a bad phase, it will pass but the time is precious do not waste it utilize for learning something,)

"All the data is collected from WHO and other renowned sites for the information." 

Thank you for investing your valuable time  in reading our post , hope you are benefited by this. if you have any query regarding this or other posts feel free to drop your comment or contact us by clicking on the (contact us) option in the home menu bar.Love


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