Top 5 most Useful inventions.

Here we are going to discuss about the most useful inventions which totally changed the way of living lives the way we are living today. We should thank the inventors as their invention lead us to an advance and better future. Here we are selecting the topics which are very much used in our day to day lives and have a much greater impact on us compared to the other products.

Top 5 most useful inventions & their inventors.

1. Internet-It can be called as the one of the wonders created by our scientists or engineers as without this our lives are totally incomplete.  "Robert E kahn ""Vint cerf " these two gentlemen were the reason that we are capable of reaching you guys easily and placing our thoughts for the people and having the whole knowledge just a click away. Let us take a moment and appreciate these two gentlemen for providing us the most useful invention of the world.

Internet is the first thing we are putting in our list as without this we cannot access any information quickly. in the 1950's computer science was emerging at its verge then in 1960's Paul Baran proposed a distributed network based on data in message blocks, this was the starting of the internet then in the 1970's Robert E kahn and Vint cerf developed IP (i.e internet protocol).

2.Google Search engine- "Larry Page" and "Sergey Brin" , most of us might know about them but they are the ones who made the life a lot easier for students, teachers and others who seek knowledge about any field. They directly or indirectly helped a lot of people by providing an engine which allows us to reach the answer for any question within seconds . 
In year 1998 google was Inventeded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin . In our view this is the greatest invention as this helps a lot to people for finding their remedy for whatever problem they face in their lives. Google has almost every answer in the world. And still they are working on it for a better user interface so that more viably people can use it. Currently the CEO of google is Sundar pichai, he is an Indian-American business executive. 
Larry and sergey

Google has many other platforms by which people can share knowledge or entertain people and earn money so that there will be a win win situation for the consumer and the distributor. For example            YouTube. People can out caste their talent in-front of a camera or behind the camera and can upload it for a vast audience world wide. And they get paid for the views . We have written thoroughly about        YouTube and other platforms where you can earn money. Click on the link provided below to read that post .

3.Telephone and Mobile phone- Telephone or Mobile both brought a revolutionary change which is now helping a lots of people for their betterment of their lives. Telephone was invented by Alexander Graham bell & others and Mobile phone was invented by Martin cooper  and others. They gave us the most useful device of our time that is smart phones which are capable of doing great jobs within a very short period of time. 

Mobile phones were primarily invented for communication purpose but then advancements were re incorporated and smart phones were developed which are manifested to be a great invention. Telephone was invented in the year 1876 . Mobile phones were developed in the year 1973. And after wards many developments and changes were made, and now the 5th generation is on its verge to get launched and provide a tremendous fast network which will help a lot to the data consumers.

In this advance world latest trending phones are launched very frequently, they are loaded with features and latest technologies which help them grow a very large business scale. Including artificial intelligence , now a days AI is the key feature of many phones and cloud storage which allows a tremendous storage space for the user to store data. Mostly consumer's requirements are 

  • Fast processor
  • Best battery life
  • Best display
  • Best camera
  • Most durable hardware
  • Best security.
We have another post describing about the Augmented reality and science facts please do have a look

4. Air conditioner & Refrigerators - "Willis carrier" was the man behind the invention of the air conditioners which are an amazing product invented by human kind. As extreme climatic conditions in some regions due to the drastic climate change in, air conditioners help a lot in reviving them from the hot summer climate. Now a days you may find Ac's everywhere as they help in maintaining the room temperature at a certain level. All the Engineers are taught the mechanism of Air conditioners and refrigerators in the initial years as they are the utmost important inventions which have a great role in our day to day lives.

Refrigerators were invented by many people but the first person to draw attention towards his vision about the project refrigerator was "William Cullen" he was a Scottish scientist and his contribution in the invention world will be always appreciated as because of him only, people are able to preserve their food for a little longer period of time and this also reduces the wastage of food.

These two inventions are proved to be one of the best inventions combining mechanical and chemical engineering which are helping a lot of people out there in their daily lives.

5. Aeroplane - This is a very curious invention among the all in the list as flying in the sky used to be a wish for many people in the past and "Wright Brothers" made this dream come true for all the people who once wished to fly above the clouds and enjoy life. This invention proved to be very useful as afterwards it doesn't full-fill the passenger requirement it became the fastest mode of transport and also it helped a lot in the defence of a country . 

But it is a fact that more than 80% people still are afraid of getting a flight. Only the 5% of the world's population got a chance to fly. 

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