Top 5 venomous Snakes

As we all know 95% of the snakes are non venomous, only the 5 % of all snakes are venomous. This article is for information and awareness purpose only. Most of the species are non venomous but the stereotype is very much hyped about snakes being very dangerous and fatal which leads to killing of these creatures by common people whenever they are encountered. We are here to describe about the top 5 most venomous snakes  of the world. Firstly difference between venomous and poisonous , venomous  means those who have the potential to inject poison through their bite or action and poisonous means those which we consume and get poison into our body. 

Top 5 venomous  Snakes of all time.

1.Inland Taipan- It is the most venomous snake in the world. It is an extremely venomous snake in the family of Elapidae. This snake is commonly found in the central east Australian region. Its single drop of venom has the capability of killing hundreds of people. Just a single bite of this snake can cause a person's death within minutes. Fortunately its encounter with humans is less as compared to other deadlier snakes because of their remoteness and less ground roaming nature during the day time. They are extremely dangerous as they are super quick and super venomous so any close encounter with these creature can be fatal for a healthy human being.
Inland Taipan

The Inland Taipan also known as western Taipan or fierce snake, it can kill almost 14000 piglets or 100 adult humans with just a single bite of their fangs. Its venom type is neurotoxic which takes down the respiratory track first . It can reach up to  6 to 8 feet in length. It is one of the fastest moving snakes of the world. It is not actually very aggressive by nature but when it feels like in danger it attacks as quickly as possible. It is found that these creatures can survive for nearly 20 years in captivity.

2.Black mamba- It is a very famous snakes among all the deadliest snakes as it is super fast and it is considered as one of the extremely venomous snakes in the world. This is also known as African black mamba as it is a native to parts of sub Saharan Africa. They are also very massive in size as they can grow up to the height of 14 feet in length. mostly they hunt down small mammals like squirrels , rodents and also small birds which shows how fast these creatures can move. 
Black Mamba

These snakes also belongs to the family of Elapidae same as the Inland Taipan. These giant creatures can live up to 11 year s in the wild. Its venom has the potential of killing an adult healthy human being in lest than an hour. according to a research it is found that somewhere between 30 minutes to 90 minutes a healthy person may die if not reached to the hospital before that. Despite its reputation as a highly aggressive snake theses creatures only attack humans when threatened or cornered.

Its bite can cause collapse within minutes symptoms mainly progress to respiratory failure which leads to cardiovascular collapse and death. They got their name because of their extremely dark mouth. Black Mambas are diurnal(a wake during the day). These snakes unlike other snakes abandon their younger ones after their birth, this is because they are oviparous. their younger ones are already mature during their birth.

3.Tiger snake- From its name you must know that this creature  is highly venomous. This venomous snake species is found in southern regions of Australia. Again this is also from the family of Elapidae. their fangs are nearly 3.5 mm to 5 mm in length. When they feel threatened they rise above the ground and flatten their neck similarly to cobra.They can live up to 15 years in captivity.
Tiger snake
Mostly tiger snakes are found in coastal areas, areas with an abundance of prey can be the cause for emerging population of this snake. 8 out of 10 venomous snake species are found in Australia making it the hub for the deadliest snakes in the region.According to its name it doesn't always replicate those tiger like scales, the body can be grey black or olive brown. Mostly these creatures love to feed on frogs and small mammals.

Tiger snakes are relatively short when compared to the other snakes in this list they reach up to 4 to 6 feet long,but are equally potential with its venom to kill numerous people just with a bite.

4.Rattle snake-These snakes are extremely popular for their rattling sound produced by their tail, they are easily identified by this sound if found nearby they are a little different from the above mentioned snakes as they come from the family of Viperidae. Its venom is very much potent of killing other small animals but are very rarely fatal for a healthy human being. They can grow upto 8 feet in length and are very aggressive.

Rattle snake

There are almost 32 species of rattle snakes. among all Eastern diamond back rattle snake is the most venomous. They usually rattle their tail to produce a sound which is an indication of warning to the predators . Usually king cobra feed on rattle snakes as its venom doesn't work on king cobra. These snakes have triangular shaped head with vertical pupils unlike the other snakes in this list. Sometimes these snakes can bite without releasing their poison this type of bytes are known as "dry bytes". 

These usually feed on mice small frogs and other small mammals. they secrete hemotoxic venom. this venom can cause clotting of blood and it may lead to destruction of red blood cells which causes a tremendous unbearable pain to humans when bitten by a rattle snake. So maintaining distance whenever encountered with one is the best way to live a good life.

5. Philippine cobra- This is a species of spitting cobra family widely known for their ability to spit venom from a distance as far as of 3 mts . The highly potential venom can cause blindness if spilled into your eyes. It is a native to the northern region of  Philippines. Average length of this species is nearly 4 feet whereas they can grow up to 6 feet long. They belong to the family of Elapidae. It secrets neurotoxin venom which is similar to that of Inland Taipan and Black mamba
Philippine cobra

They usually feed on small frogs and rodents and other small mammals. Cobras have a very unique head and neck unlike the other snakes they can flatten their necks to threaten their predators and to express any trouble situation. These are mostly found in forested areas.

They are one of the most venomous species of the cobra family other than this most famous cobra is the King cobra according to its name it is the longest snake of this species.  Theses snakes also feed on other smaller snakes which also includes other cobras. king cobras can grow upto  12 feet long which is a massive size. 

This post is just for informative purpose and against of animal cruelty , As people kill a lot of snakes which leads to a dis balance in the chain of environment . And to spread awareness about the percentage of venomous snakes in the world. We hope you found it informative 

Thank you for investing your valuable time  in reading our post , hope you are benefited by this. if you have any query regarding this or other posts feel free to drop your comment or contact us by clicking on the (contact us) option in the home menu bar. 


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