Top 5 ways to groom your beard

Beard is a symbol of matureness and manliness. Many wish to have a great beard but are incapable of keeping one so we'll here discuss about the top 5 ways(steps) to groom your facial hair to get a full packed beard.
everyone has their unique structure of beard so being yourself is the first thing to be prioritized and what you have, you should build it to a perfect level.

apart from being just a style and personality statement beard also helps in many forms few are listed below:
  • It protects your face from harmful rays of sun.
  • It assists those who are suffering from asthma
  • It also reduces the chance of bacterial infection.
Top 5 ways you can groom your beard.

1. Let the beard grow.- Many people complain about the beard but are totally impatient to grow the beard , firstly you must understand growing a beard is not 1 or 2 days activity so you must have patience as the rate of growth differs from person to person, so being patient and letting the beard grow is the first point. you may get irritation and itchiness in the initial days but you need to cop-up with that to have a wonderful beard in the nearer future.

wash your face regularly and let the beard grow an reach a certain limit where you can comb it. initially messiness or patches will be there as everyone doesn't have the perfect genes to grow a perfect beard so let it grow in whatever way it is growing then caress it by applying beard oil or any face moisturizer make sure that product suits your skin. wait at least 3 to 4 months if your growth is slow if it is faster then you may get the required length in 2 to 3 months. After growing the beard to the required length, follow the next steps.

2. Nourishing your skin and hair- Now as you have a decent sized beard, may be with patches or low density try to nourish it with beard oil. Make sure the oil reaches your skin under your beard. If not taken care properly the skin may get rough and you'll only have to suffer . Problems like itchiness or peeling off dry skin may occur. Washing your face everyday before going to bed is a must for a beard lover as the dust may damage your facial hair and won't allow them to grow properly.

Take any beard oil of any brand use it regularly without a fault. Apply it regularly before going to bed and wash your face in the morning. You may observe a better growth of beard within a month. for recommending purpose Beardo beard oil is the most used beard oil across the globe so, it could be a better option. It is totally up to you what product you want to use.Any branded beard oil will be good.  

3.Own a wooden hair comb and a roller hair comb- These two products are extremely important to tame your beard as most of the time a full grown beard looks untidy or messy but these two products will help you shape your beard in a proper manner so that you get a defined shape of a full grown beard. you may find these at your nearest stores these are also available online. Why a wooden one, not  plastic ? It is because wooden comb doesn't get charged whenever you comb your facial hair but plastic combs gets  electrically charged due to friction and may affect the shape of your beard that is why it is suggested to use a wooden comb for your facial hair.

Random combing may not be the proper way of brushing your facial hair, the proper ways are 1. comb all the beard to your left, 2.then comb it to the right, 3.then try to comb in upward direction, 4.then comb slowly in the downward direction and shape it in whatever way you like it. Follow these steps it will definitely work, you'll find that you are having often good beard days which is still a dream for most of the young boys. Try to comb twice a day so that the beard will get used to the shape you want  it to acquire and it will be intact in a subtle position .

4.Beard balm or Beard butter- Now these are the products used for a glossy or shiny look of beard or in simple terms to style your beard for a perfect outing. These are the products that are to be used on the beard(not on the skin) to shape them in the desired way. Both the products are additional as these are not for nourishment these are just for appealing view of the beard. Most of the beardos use these products to groom and get a better look of their beard , longer the beard more maintenance it requires.

Beard balm is a cream based product with thick consistency which is used to stack or hold the beard tight. If you have a medium sized beard it is perfect for you. This gives you a firm and crispy look when applied. Theses products are not recommended for a daily use as you need to wash your beard properly at the end of the day to detach them from your beard. these products are not really necessary for short beard fellas.only beard oil will be sufficient for those newbies.

Beard butter is a little softer when compared to beard balm this gives you a shiny glossy look. This is for all sizes of beard most preferred for the long beard holders as it helps in untangling and shaping your beard in a proper way. 

5.Blow drying- This is the last final step to be followed to get a perfectly shaped beard, due to its hot air it helps in adjusting it to acquire a good structure. as instructed above how to use the comb in the same way use the blower and at last apply some of the beard balm or butter to get the desired structure. you can also apply it before blow drying as it will prevent from damaging your hair , it is totally up to you how to use it.
Hope you understood all the points explained how to groom your beard properly to attain a healthy full beard. Follow these steps and results are assured. Patience is all what you need so "Keep Calm And Be a Beardo".

Thank you for investing your valuable time  in reading our post , hope you are benefited by this. If you have any query regarding this or other posts feel free to drop your comment or contact us by clicking on the (contact us) option in the home menu bar. Love


Why should you take our advise?  Here above is the picture of the author with a beard of 3 months old.


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